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28 Jun 2016


2016 News from the D2G2 Group

National Geographic profiles Professor Mark Kendall in video Fear of Needles? There's New Tech on the Way

November 14 2016
Click here to watch video
Click here to watch video


From rockets to Nanopatches: Professor Mark Kendall receives Florey award

9 November 2016

Click to watch Mark's Florey Medal video
Click to watch Mark's Florey Medal video

AIBN’s Professor Mark Kendall - best known for his invention of the Nanopatch, a needle-free vaccine delivery device - has been awarded the 2016 CSL Young Florey Medal by the Australian Institute of Policy and Science.

The CSL Young Florey Medal is awarded to outstanding scientists for significant early career achievements in biomedical science and/or human health advancement, and who have shown excellence and passion in promoting science.

The medal is named in honour of penicillin co-inventor Sir Howard Florey, who in 1945 became Australia’s first Nobel Laureate in Medicine.

Dr Jacob Coffey Announced as American Australian Association Fellow

15 August 2016

Congratulations to Dr Jacob Coffey (Kendall Group) who has been announced as an American Australian Association Fellow.  Jacob is one of 11 Australian researchers that will travel to the US to undertake crucial research, with Jacob spending 12 months at MIT. Jacob is a biomedical researcher who utilises surface chemistry and microfabrication to engineer biomaterials that treat and diagnose diseases in ways not possible with current medicine.  He has a particular interest in developing in vivo medical devices to target areas of the body where effective access has traditionally been limited.

Congratulations Nick Hong Seng Lee - All UQ Institute winner Three Minute Thesis (3MT) final 2016

17 August 2016

Huge congratulations to Nick Hong Seng Lee from the D2G2 group on being awarded the overall winner in the UQ All-Institute 3 Minute Thesis competition. Nick won with his thesis presentation: “A wearable brain monitor”.  Nick is show in the photo with runner up Rebecca Lane (from the Trau group AIBN) who presented on her thesis“Oncologic espionage: Cracking cancer’s code.” The judges highlighted Nick and Rebecca’s efforts to successfully communicate the high impact of their research.

Australian Chief Scientist names Mark Kendall a Queensland Science Superhero

15 August 2016

Dr Alan Finkel, Australia's Chief Scientist, names Mark Kendall as a Queensland Science Superhero in an article titled "Labman and Boffin are our Superheroes" in The Courier Mail.  The Chief Scientist is giving Queenslanders a helping hand with their 5 Scientist Pledge during National Science Week. Learn who Dr Finkel's superheroes of Queensland science are, courtesy of the Courier-Mail.  Read via the image below, or online (subscription required):

D2G2 Group make finals of AIBN Science Image Content

10 August 2016

Two images from the D2G2 group made the top ten of the AIBN Science Image Contest, with the group taking out the 3rd and 8th places. Over 50 entries were received! For better views of the images, visit the AIBN Facebookpage

June sees the acceptance of two new papers 

  • Fernando GJP, Zhang J, Ng H, Haigh OL, Yukiko SR, Kendall MAF. (2016)  Influenza nucleoprotein DNA vaccination by a skin targeted, dry coated, densely packed microprojection array (Nanopatch) induces potent antibody and CD8+ T cell responses. Journal of Controlled Release. DOI: 10.1016/j.conrel.2016.06.045

  • Ng H, Fernando, GJP, Depelsenaire ACI, Kendall, MAF. (2016)  Potent response of QS-21 as a vaccine adjuvant in the skin when delivered with the Nanopatch, resulted in adjuvant dose sparing Scientific Reports. DOI: 10.1038/srep29368

Welcome Professor Vince Rotello

AIBN and the ARC Centre of Excellence in Convergent Bio-Nano Science and Technology (CBNS) welcomes  Professor Vince RotelloProfessor of Chemistry and a University Distinguished Professor at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst to present on July 8th on the topic Interfacing nanomaterials with biology: Applications in therapeutics and diagnostics.

Mark Kendall presents at 66th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting 

28 June 2016

Annually Nobel Laureates convene in Lindau (Germany) to foster the exchange between scientist of different generations, cultures and disciplines.  With 29 Laureates in attendance this year, I was asked by Rolex, a sponsor of the meeting, to moderate a Panel of Excellence discussing Sports and Science.  The photo on the left is on the official meeting website and shows me during my presentation as I undertake an audience “survey” on who considers themselves a sportsperson (in addition to being a scientist). From the show of hands in the photo, many people, including myself, do.  The second photo shows me moderating the session, with on the far right, Nobel Laureate Kurt Wüthrich. While the session I moderated was about Sports and Science, I was able to talk to many attendees about new findings my team identified (view Scientific Record 10.1038/srep27217) allowing the delivery of vaccine far more efficiently than we previously thought possible.  The improvement is in the shape of the projections and in this latest version we have developed a patch with a chisel-like shape rather than a sharp cone, which slices microscopic holes in the skin only 25μm wide

Congratulations to PhD candidate Jonathan Wei (Kendall Group) on winning an UQ Graduate School International Travel Award.  Jonathan will attend the 22nd Congress of the European Society of Biomechanics (Lyon France) where he will present an oral presentation Measuring key skin mechanical properties of different animal models to facilitate medical device translation.

Double congratulations to Dr Alexandra (Sandra) Depelsenaire (Kendall Group) who gave birth to baby Joshua earlier this year.  Sandra is a receipient of a Queensland Government Advance Queensland Women's Academic Fund award. The program encourages femal researchers to return to their research careers following maternity leave, and provides carer funding to support femal researchers in attending and presenting at conferences.