D2G2's Research Focus

20 July 2016

AIBNs Delivery of Drugs and Genes Group (D2G2) led by Professor Mark Kendall focuses on physical methods for delivering biomolecules and stimuli to key immune response-inducing cells located in the skin; and extracting important biomolecules for diagnostics purposes.

The ultimate goal of the research is to dramatically improve the cost and efficiency of vaccination and treatment of major diseases, such as malaria and influenza. To achieve this goal, the group is:

developing needle-free gene and drug delivery and extraction technologies to and from the skin

investigating micro-nanoprojection array patch (Nanopatch) technology                                    

measuring the key biological and mechanical properties of skin

assessing clinical application

This multidisciplinary research spans biomedical engineering (fluid mechanics; micro-nanofabrication; solid mechanics), diagnostic (multi-photon microscopy) and dermatology and vaccinology.

The D2G2 group has research projects covering:

micro-nanoprojection patches for minimally-invasive and targeted delivery of genes and drugs to skin cells micro-nanoprojection patches for targeted gene and drug delivery to the skin and improved DNA vaccines
micro-nanoprojection patches for improved sampling in diagnosis of disease multi-photon microscopy for in vivo imaging following delivery of drugs and vaccines to skin
MPM non-invasive imaging of biological interactions following drug delivery with micro-nanoprojection patches

measurement of mechanical properties in skin at the cellular and subcellular scale

developing medical devices for clinical use